Insects Pencil Drawings

Updated: 02 Feb 2019

Insects have the largest number of species in nature.



Bees have an important ecological role in pollinating plants but their number is getting smaller and the cause is unclear.

Pencil drawing of a bee Bee pencil drawing


Planting flowers rich in nectar and avoiding the use of spraying materials in planters or in the garden.



Ants follow chemical traces left by a scouting-ant when it finds a food stock.

Pencil drawing of an ant Ant pencil drawing


Keeping a house clean of breadcrumbs, dirt and scraps of food.



The female mosquito, when it needs proteins for its eggs, is looking for a live source to suck blood from.

Mosquito pencil drawing Mosquito pencil drawing


In the case of an occasional mosquito, it is recommended to use an electric bat.

Electric racket or bat, also called electric flyswatter An electric racket



The housefly is attracted to the human food and exposed parts of their body, thereby passing on pathogens that it carries on its body.

A pencil drawing of a fly Fly pencil Drawing


The special eyes of the fly allow it to quickly absorb signals from the environment and avoid danger.

The fly, when it detects a light source like a window, will fly to it, so all it takes is to spray the window itself with an insecticide. The fly, at one point or another, will reach the window and come into contact with the pesticide.

Pesticides are toxic substances and should not be sprayed where children are.



Cockroaches can live without food for several days to a month, thus even if you do not see them at home, that does not mean they are not there!

A pencil drawing of a cockroach Cockroach pencil drawing


Ensure the house is clean and, if necessary, spray pesticides in the area in which they are located.

What is the importance of insects?

Ecological importance:

Economic importance:

Insects as food:


Flies and mosquitoes have great ecological importance and are the second most important pollinators after the bees.

Mosquitoes are the most lethal family of animals because they transmit parasites and viruses.

The cockroach has a high resistance to radiation but has no exceptional resistance compared to other insects such as the fruit fly.

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