Best YouTube Channels for Learning to Paint

Updated: 12 Nov 2018

Recommended YouTube channels for artists


Drawing and painting are crafts that anybody can learn!

Passion for learning, hard work and dedication will produce results.

After a thorough analysis of viewing countless current YouTube videos, we found and recommend the following best channels for learning to draw and paint:

Beginners Tutorials

Tutorials for beginners are aimed for learning to take the first steps in actual painting.

Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill YouTube channel

As the website-name says: "paint with Kevin", Kevin Hill takes you step by step through the painting process.

This tutorial channel is suitable for artists who want to get down to painting and produce their first landscape artwork in oil paints or acrylics.

YouTube channel: KevinOilPainting

Mural Joe

Mural Joe YouTube channel

While these tutorials are quite advanced, Joe Cornelius aka Mural Joe, is doing a great job in keeping it simple.

Here you can expect to learn the technique and knowledge for the crafts of drawing and painting, with focus on all the important factors like perspective, color mixing and much more.

Joe is famous for his wall paintings (murals), using acrylic paint. That said, his oil paintings are just as amazing.

YouTube channel: muraljoe

Jerry Yarnell

Jerry Yarnell YouTube channel

Jerry Yarnell is a painter and owner of the Yarnell School of Fine Art. He is also known from the television show "Paint This with Jerry Yarnell".

In these tutorials, Jerry teaches some basic understanding of the painting process including painting rocks, reflections and other landscape related subjects.

YouTube channel: 1addyrae

Recommended video: Painting Rocks with Jerry Yarnell

Technical & Equipment

These YouTube Channels deal with technical stuff regarding painting, learning how to mix colors, which oil painting supply or drawing equipment to use, how to create depth, linear perspective and much more.

Bill Martin

Bill Martin YouTube channel

A renowned painter and instructor, Bill Martin's (1943 - 2008) YouTube channel is arguably the best way to start for beginners.

These video tutorials will enrich and improve your understanding of realistic drawing and painting.

YouTube channel: Bill Martin's Guides

In addition to video tutorials, Bill Martin has two HUGE articles about Drawing and Oil Painting.

Recommended video: Elliptical Perspective

Draw Mix Paint

Draw Mix Paint YouTube channel

Draw Mix Paint is a channel dedicated for introducing the key factors for fine art oil painting. The highly regarded artist Mark Carder runs it.

Leading artists like John Singer Sargent and Diego Velázquez influenced Mark Carder painting style.

Mark manufactures his own unique oil paints, which are available at his website.

YouTube channel: Draw Mix Paint

Recommended video: How to Match Any Color with Oil Paint

Jason Walcott

Jason Walcott YouTube channel

When it comes to understanding the different types and brands of pigments for oil painting, Jason Walcott will guide you through this ocean of variety.

This art channel is full of in depth reviews and tutorials for equipment and supplies for oil painting, pastels and other art materials.

YouTube channel: Walcott Fine Art

Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos YouTube channel

The admired and appreciated painter, Cesar Santos, creates stunning fine art in his own unique way while communicating with classic art as a solid foundation.

In his YouTube channel, Cesar takes you behind the scene of painting and the art world.

YouTube channel: Cesar Santos

Circle Line Art School

Circle Line Art School YouTube channel

Circle Line Art School is a YouTube channel devoted for learning to draw.

The tutorials in this channel are presented by the artist Tom McPherson and many of them are focused on learning to draw in perspective.

YouTube channel: Circle Line Art School

Recommended video: How to Draw a Room in 1-Point Perspective

Advanced Tutorials

Tutorial channels for experienced artists who want to learn realistic painting and other advanced techniques.

Andrew Tischler

Andrew Tischler YouTube channel

Andrew Tischler is a talented oil painter who specializes in realistic painting.

The tutorials in this channel are advanced and aimed for audience who already know how to paint but want to take their art to the next stage when it comes to realism.

YouTube channel: Andrew Tischler

Recommended video: How to paint a seascape

James Gurney

James Gurney YouTube channel

James Gurney is an illustrator, plein air painter and the author and illustrator of the popular illustrated book series, Dinotopia.

In this YouTube channel, Gurney offers all kinds of tips and tricks for creating original art.

In his tutorials, James uses oil paints, watercolor and gouache.

YouTube channel: James Gurney

Pen & Pencil Drawing Tutorials

For many artists, realistic pencil drawing is the basis for their art.

These tutorial channels are aimed to teach you how to draw with a technical pen and pencil.

Darrel Tank

Darrel Tank YouTube channel

Darrel Tank is a master when it comes to creating graphite realistic portraits.

This channel is packed with top quality tutorials for all levels.

YouTube channel: Drawing With Darrel Tank

Kirsty Partridge

Kirsty Partidge YouTube channel

Kirsty Partridge, a talented artist that focuses on realism, runs this YouTube channel.

For beginning artists, these tutorials are very detailed and easy to understand.

Besides pencil drawing lessons, you will find here colored pencils and watercolor tutorials.

YouTube channel: Kirsty Partridge Art

Recommended video: BIGGEST TIPS for GUARANTEED Realistic Drawings

Matt Fussell

Matt Fussell YouTube channel

The Virtual Instructor by Matt Fussell is a channel, which is specially designed for beginners, covering lots of the stuff every beginning artist should know.

Tutorials include pencil drawing, watercolor, pastels, acrylics, colored pencils, gouache and much more.

YouTube channel: Drawing & Painting - The Virtual Instructor

Recommended video: How to Draw Trees with Pen and Ink

Alphonso Dunn

Alphonso Dunn YouTube channel

For pen and ink drawing, Alphonso Dunn offers many video tutorials in his drawing channel.

YouTube channel: Alphonso Dunn


smoothie77 YouTube channel

Another great YouTube channel for pencil drawing in a realistic way.

This channel includes lots of painting demos and overviews plus some supply and equipment review.

YouTube channel: smoothie77


As previously stated, anybody can learn to draw and paint.

Hard work & practice are essential but in order to improve and develop, one has to learn constantly.

YouTube channels, books and tutorial articles are very important for learning as well as participating in drawing and painting classes.