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Ran, painter, author, developer

My name is Ran, and I was born in 1972. I am a painter and an art Instructor.

In addition, I do commission artworks, usually pencil drawing.

Commission realistic pencil drawings Commission pencil drawings

And, pen drawing.

Realistic pen drawings Pen drawings

I started painting at a very young age, especially drawing nostalgic cartoon characters & superhero figures.

When I grew up, I engaged in computer graphics, mainly 2D and 3D graphics and web developing.

After the birth of my daughter, I devoted several years for figurative pencil drawing before starting my artistic journey for realistic painting with oil paints.

When it comes to oil painting, I focus primarily on landscapes, seascapes and the animal kingdom, but I paint other subjects too.

Realistic oil paintings Oil paintings

Realistic oil painting is a challenge and a craft that combines knowledge and experience.

Science has its importance when painting realism. Understanding physics, geometry, perspective and climate can help a lot.

The combination of hard work and constant research leads to growth and evolution.

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @ran_art_blog

Artworks by My Students

Here are some drawings by my amazing students.

Drawings realism by my student Oren Oren, pencil drawings, realism
Observational drawing by my student Oriya Oriya, direct observation + realism + two-point perspective
Accurate drawing by my student Lauren Lauren, drawing from observation
Aninal realistic drawings by student Roi Roee, realistic drawing
House in two-point perspective by student eli Eli, two-point perspective drawing
Drawings realism by my student Omer Omer, pencil drawings, realism
Perspective drawings by my student Cahal Cahal, one-point perspective

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Art exhibition, space gallery. Space gallery
Group exhibition, curator: Iki Shoval Group exhibition

The Blog

The core of this website is its blog. It includes drawing & painting tutorials, guides, tips and reviews. It updates regularly.

Examples of artworks from Ran Art Blog

Personal Note

Each article or painting is special for its creator. That said, sometimes there are creations we like more.

My favorite article is how to create the illusion of depth when drawing. It took a lot of time to develop (both writing and drawing). It is still under constant development.

Examples for drawing depth