Comics & Cartoon Characters Drawing Gallery

Below are nostalgic comics drawings I made for my daughter.

Franco-Belgian Comics

Cartoon character drawing Gaston Lagaffe, Franco-Belgian comics Gaston Lagaffe
Franco-Belgian Comics drawing, Asterix and obelix Astérix, Obélix and Idéfix

The popular Astérix book series has been translated into more than 100 languages.

In 1965, France launched its first satellite into space. The satellite was named Astérix after the French comic book character.

Franco-Belgian comics, the Smurfs, smurf cartoon. The Smurfs

The Smurfs were created and introduced in 1958 by the Belgian comic artist Peyo.

In 1981, the Smurfs became the most successful television series by Hanna Barbara Productions.

The evil wizard Gargamel, in order to spy on the Smurfs, created Smurfette. On her request, Papa Smurf gave her a potion that made her a real Smurf.

Franco-Belgian Comics drawing, once upon a time, Maestro Once Upon a Time... Maestro
Franco-Belgian Comics drawing, Lucky Luke Lucky Luke
Franco-Belgian Comics drawing, tintin & Milou Tintin and Snowy (Milou)

The adventures of Tintin are comic books by the Belgian illustrator Hergé.

Hergé never visited the countries and cultures he wrote about.

Franco-Belgian Comics drawing, Babar the Elephant Babar the Elephant
Franco-Belgian Comics drawing, Barbapapa & family Barbapapa

"Clickety Click - Barba Trick" - The magic words for Barbapapa and his family shapeshifting.

Shapeshifting is a character's ability to change its shape. Quite a few comic and mythological characters possess this ability. Mystic (Marvel Comics), T-1000 (Terminator Film Series) and Maui (Moana) to name a few.

One of nature's shapeshifters is the octopus.

Cartoon character drawing inspector gadget, Franco-Belgian comics Inspector Gadget

Nostalgic Cartoon Characters

Comics drawing and painting Mr. Men Mr. Men characters

49 books in the Mr. Men book series were published since 1971.

42 Little Miss books were published since 1981.

Comics drawing and painting of Zagor Zagor
Comics drawing and painting of Olive Oyl Olive Oyl
Cartoon character, Popey the Sailor Popeye

Popeye the Sailor first appeared in 1929 as a supporting character in a comic strip in which Olive Oyl was the star for a decade.

Popeye is the first cartoon character to get his very own statue. Crystal City, Texas, United States, 1937.

In 2014, the artist Jeff Koons sold a Popeye statue for $28 million.

Comic book characters, Spiderman and Spiderwoman Spiderwoman & Spiderman
Cartoon character, Lisa Simpson, the Simpsons Lisa Simpson

The 8 years old, Lisa Simpson, is the intelligent of the group with an IQ of 159. She is also a vegetarian, a Buddhist, an Italian speaker and a saxophone player.

Comics drawing and painting of Woody Woodpecker Woody Woodpecker
Cartoon character, the Pink Panther The Pink Panther

Originally, in a series of comedy films about a French detective (Inspector Clouseau), the Pink Panther was a pink diamond with a flaw in its center in the shape of a panther.

The animated pink panther appeared at the beginning and end of each film in the series and in the 70s got its own animated program.

Comics drawing and painting of Mighty Mouse Mighty Mouse
Comics drawing and painting of Laurel & Hardy Laurel & Hardy
Comics drawing and painting of Spy vs Spy Spy vs Spy - Mad Magazine
Comics drawing and painting of Snoopy & Woodstock Snoopy & Woodstock

Snoopy is a Beagle dog.

The spacecraft Apollo, in its mission to orbit the Moon (Apollo 10), was made up of a Command Module named Charlie Brown and the Lunar Module named Snoopy.

Walt Disney: Films

Walt Disney was a pioneer in the motion picture industry. As a producer, Disney holds the record for winning Oscar prizes with 22 wins and 59 nominations.

The film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) produced by Disney was the first full-length animated film.

In 1955, the Disneyland amusement park was opened, based on Disney cartoon characters.

Comics drawing, The Jungle Book, Mowgli & Baloo The Jungle Book (1967): Mowgli and Baloo
Comics drawing and painting, Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh (1966)
Comics drawing of Pongo from 101 Dalmatians, Disney 101 Dalmatians (1961): Pongo

Dogs in the film 101 Dalmatians are painted in gray and not in white.

Unlike the movie, real Dalmatians are born completely white, without spots.

Comics painting and drawing, Alince in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland (1951)
comics painting of Robin Hood, animated film, Disney Robin Hood (1973)
Comics drawing and painting of Pocahontas, Disney Pocahontas (1995)
Comics drawing of Dumbo the elephent, Walt Dinsey Dumbo (1941)

Dumbo is the only main character in Disney movies that does not speak.

Mickey Mouse Universe

Drawing and painting of Minnie Mouse, Disney Minnie Mouse
Drawing and painting of Mickey Mouse, Disney Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks created the cartoon characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in 1928.

In 1978, Mickey Mouse became the first cartoon character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on his 50th anniversary.

Drawing and painting of Pete, Walt Disney Pete
Drawing and painting of Clarabelle, Disney Clarabelle
Drawing and painting of Daisy Duck, Disney Daisy Duck
Drawing and painting of Donald Duck, Disney Donald Duck

The cartoon character Donald Duck first appeared in 1934 and his girlfriend Daisy Duck joined him in 1940.

Drawing and painting of Ludwig Von Drake Ludwig Von Drake
Drawing and painting of Pluto, Walt Disney Pluto

Hanna-Barbera Productions

Hanna-Barbera Productions is an American animation studio and it has been the leader in the US television animation market for three decades.

Cartoon character, The Flintstones, The Flintstones
Yogi Bear & Boo Boo Bear, Hanna-Barbera Productions Yogi Bear & Boo Boo Bear
Cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry
Hanna-Barbera Productions, Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doo

Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes is an animated series of short films by Warner Bros.

Among the many Looney Tunes characters, Bugs Bunny became a cultural icon and has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Tweety cartoon drawing, Looney Tunes character Tweety
Sylvester cartoon drawing, Looney Tunes character Sylvester
Looney Tunes characters, Yosemite Sam cartoon Yosemite Sam
Looney Tunes characters, Elmer Fudd cartoon Elmer Fudd

Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd are Bugs Bunny's main enemies.

The name of the character Yosemite Sam is based on the Yosemite National Park in the state of California, USA. Each year, about 4 million tourists visit the park.

The search engine Google allows search in the language of Elmer Fudd. This language replaces R and L with W.

Comics drawing of Daffy Duck, Looney Tunes characters Daffy Duck
Looney Tunes characters, Road Runner and Coyote Road Runner and Coyote

Anime and Manga

Manga is the art of Japanese comics.

Anime is Japanese animation, hand-drawn or computer-generated.

Anime and manga, Marco Rossi cartoon character Marco Rossi
Anime and manga, Heidi, Girl of the Alps cartoon Heidi, Girl of the Alps
Maya the bee and Willy comics, Anime and manga Maya the Bee & Willy
Grensizer: Duke Fleed comics, Anime and manga Grendizer: Duke Fleed
Anime and manga Nils Holgersson comics drawing Nils Holgersson