Realistic Oil Paintings

Below is a selection of realistic oil paintings I drew.

I paint mainly animals, landscapes, seascapes and paintings by order.

Seascape Oil Paintings

Ocean wave seascape oil painting Seascape oil painting, ocean wave 90/60cm

Landscape Oil Paintings

Landscape oil painting, road in forest Landscape oil painting, path in the forest 60/40cm
Landscape oil painting, tree & sunset Landscape oil painting, sunset behind tree 40/30cm
Landscape oil painting, meadow & trees Landscape oil painting, trees in a meadow 60/40cm

The atmosphere has a profound effect on landscape painting.

Color, brightness values and edges are used to create the illusion of depth.

The further away an object is from the observer, the contrast between the object and its' surrounding will decrease and so does the contrast of its texture.

The object color will become less saturated and its color will deviate toward the sky color depending on its distance and climate conditions.

Animal Kingdom Oil Paintings

Realistic flamingo oil painting Flamingo, oil painting 60/40cm
Realistic bird oil painting, animal kingdom Bird, oil painting 60/40cm
Giraffe realistic oil painting Giraffe, oil painting 60/40cm
Oryx realistic oil painting, animal kingdom Oryx, oil painting 90/60cm

Oil paintings of animals require consideration in the anatomical structure and accuracy in details.

Colors are important too. Each animal, like any object, is identified by its unique hue, which acts as its fingerprint.