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Ran Art Blog© is a blog dedicated for art lovers, and devoted for teaching the crafts of drawing and painting.

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Realistic Oil Paintings

Below is a selection of my realistic oil paintings, more can be found in the blog section.

I mainly paint the animal kingdom, landscapes, seascapes and paintings by order.

Seascape Oil Paintings

Ocean wave oil painting Ocean wave 90/60 cm

The atmosphere has a profound effect on landscape painting.

Color, brightness values and edges are used to create the illusion of depth.

Explore 15 methods (with many examples) in my guide for drawing the illusion of depth.

Examples from the guide for drawing depth

Landscape Oil Paintings

Landscape oil painting, path in forest Path in the forest 60/40 cm
Landscape oil painting, tree & sunset Sunset behind tree 40/30 cm
Landscape oil painting, meadow & trees Trees in a meadow 60/40 cm

Atmospheric perspective is the method we use for landscape painting:

Learn more about realistic painting in my guide on how to paint realism (8 key fundamentals).

Examples from my guide on painting realism

Animal Kingdom Oil Paintings

Realistic flamingo oil painting Flamingo, oil painting 60/40 cm
Realistic bird oil painting, animal kingdom Bird, oil painting 60/40 cm
Giraffe realistic oil painting Giraffe, oil painting 60/40 cm
Oryx realistic oil painting, animal kingdom Oryx, oil painting 90/60 cm

Wildlife painting requires consideration in the anatomical structure and accuracy in details.

Colors are important too. Each animal, like any object, is identified by its unique hue, which acts as its fingerprint.

Find out more in my guide on how to mix colors for oil painting.

Examples from my guide on mixing oil paints

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