Landscape Paintings as a Platform for Practice

Updated: 01 Feb 2019

How to add objects to a landscape painting


A landscape painting in a realistic style is not an easy task and can be quite challenging.

Sometimes the painting process results less successfully, for example, when trying a new painting style, trying to paint a complex painting or even an unsuccessful color mixing.

Some of the greatest painters had their share of unsuccessful paintings, which they sometimes threw away or destroyed. It is part of the learning process.

However, it is useful to keep unsuccessful paintings, to look at them and to understand where the mistake is or what needs to be done differently.

In addition, landscape painting can be used as a platform for practice or as a training canvas.

Each part of a landscape painting can be used as a training area:

Here are some examples for using landscape paintings as a practice canvas for painting animals, objects, plants and more:

The Loch Ness Monster Oil Painting

For the lake area, painting the Loch Ness Monster and a boat:

The Loch Ness Monster oil painting Loch Ness Monster oil painting
An oil painting of a boat Boat oil painting

In the sky, painting a bald eagle.

Sketching a bald eagle Pencil drawing an eagle
An oil painting of a bald eagle Bald eagle oil painting

On the ground, painting of two types of plants: Phragmites and Typha.

Reed or phragmites plant oil painting Phragmites plant
Typha plant oil painting Typha plant

Adding a monster, boat, eagle and plants to a landscape oil painting:

The Loch Ness Monster oil painting The Loch Ness Monster oil painting


In order to add objects to a scene, in a realistic manner, you should use linear perspective.

Camel in the Desert Oil Painting

Adding palm trees to a desert oil painting:

Desert oil painting Desert oil painting
Palm trees oil paiting Adding palm trees

And a camel:

Desert oil painting with camel and palms A desert with palm trees and a camel

Keep in mind:

To paint animals and add them to a large canvas, visit this tutorial: How to Paint Realistic Animals.

A Fawn in the Forest Oil Painting

Forest oil painting:

A forest with trees oil painting

Adding a fawn:

A fawn in forest oil painting Fawn in the forest oil painting

Seagull Oil Painting

When a less successful painting is NOT a landscape painting, one can paint a new layer of sky color on top of the existing painting.

Sky will be suitable for birds, planes, balloons and anything that flies.

It is possible to draw directly with a brush or to wait for the oil paint to harden and draw a bird with a pencil.

Pencil drawing of a seagull:

Pencil drawing of a seagull

Painting the seagull:

Oil painting of sky with a seagull Seagull in the sky oil painting


Landscape painting is an excellent background for practice: the stage is ready for adding figures and objects.

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