How to Collect Comic Books

Updated: 19 Apr 2018

Old comics have value and are sought after by collectors.

Below is an overview about comic books collecting.

Batman vs Captain America, how to collect comics

Which Comic Books to Collect?

First Appearance:

The crème de la crème is the first appearance of a familiar comic character (superhero or villain).

The more familiar the character is and the older the first appearance is, the greater the value of the comic book.

The quality of the comic book is also important, so it is important to protect the comic book and to store it in a safe way.

Second Appearance / Origin:

The second appearance (and even third) of a character has value as well as the comic book which tells about the origin of the character.

Sometimes the second appearance and the origin of the character occur in the same comic book.

Movies and Television Series Based on Comic Characters:

In recent years, the phenomenon of movies based on comic characters has gained momentum. Following the success of the films, the comic characters also reached the small screen.

When a comic character stars in a movie or a television series, its value increases significantly. The reasons are that the character is exposed to a new audience, and that it gets a certain prestige.

Special Events:

Significant events in the life of a comic character or in a world where the comic character lives have value for collectors.

For example, the wedding of a familiar comics character, the death of a familiar character and even a one-time encounter between Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters.


Most superhero characters have a unique outfit.

When a character receives a new outfit as part of the redesign of the character, it is considered a valuable comic book for collectors.

Series of Comic Books:

There are series of comic books that are published monthly or quarterly.

A complete series is valuable for collectors, depending on the characters or storyline and how old it is.

From a time perspective, it is easier to purchase a whole series, if one finds it, than to collect each comic book in that series.

That said, the "hunt" for individual comic books, in order to complete a series, is the fun part of being a collector.

Figure \ Writer \ Illustrator:

Collecting comics is a personal thing. Each collector has different preferences.

There are collectors who focus on collecting comic books of a certain figure or of a certain writer or illustrator.

Here, too, there is value to the first comic book that a particular writer or illustrator wrote or painted, as well to the second and third.

Collecting Comics by Age

Superman vs Thor, comic books ages

The value of comics, which belong to the American comics market and are based on superheroes, is also determined by the age in which they were published.

Golden Age of Comic Books:

In this age, which lasted from the late 1930s to the early 1950s, the prototype of the superhero was created together with some of the most famous superheroes, including Superman (1938), Batman (1939), Flash (1940), Captain America (1941), Wonder Woman (1941) and many more.

During this era, some comics focused on the victory of the good against evil.

The event symbolizing the beginning of this era is the comic book publication Action Comics #1 in which Superman first appears.

Silver Age of Comic Books:

After an interim period, in which the popularity of comics came down, the Silver Age began in 1956 and continued until around 1970.

This era began with the renewal of many comic figures from the past such as the Flash and Captain America, whose publication was discontinued in the interim period, as well as the creation of new characters with human characteristics such as feelings and fears and with human concerns such as payment of rent.

Among the most prominent figures created in the Silver Age are the Fantastic Four (1961), The Incredible Hulk (1962), Spider-Man (1962), Ant-Man (1962), X-Men (1963).

The Silver Age also symbolizes the beginning of collecting comic books as a hobby.

Bronze Age of Comic Books:

The Bronze Age symbolizes the period between 1970 and 1985.

This age keeps many of the features of the Silver Age, and the leading characters from the Silver Age still lead the market.

Nevertheless, there is a return, as in the Golden Age, to dealing with dark subjects. Stories are adapted to political and social issues such as racism, alcohol and drug use, poverty and environmental pollution.

The Bronze Age is also characterized by the leading roles of anti-hero characters such as Ghost Rider (1972), The Punisher (1974), the mutant Wolverine (1974) and others.

Modern Age of Comic Books:

The Modern Age of comic books began in the mid-eighties and continues to this day.

This is a time when the familiar characters have been redesigned and have become darker, and the stories have become longer and more complex.

This period also marks the rise of independent publishers.

Comic Books from My Private Collection

First Appearances:

Over the years, 3 characters have served as Ant-Man: Hank Pym, Scott Lang and Eric O'Grady.

Scott Lang first appearance as Ant-Man Scott Lang first appearance
as Ant-Man, 1979
Comic book of Hercules first appearance The first appearance of
Hercules, 1965
Comic book, first appearance of Iron Fist The first appearance of
Iron Fist, 1974
Comic book, first appearance of Falcon The first appearance of
Falcon, 1969

Second Appearance and Origin:

The Black Panther is the first black superhero.

He was followed by other black superheroes such as Falcon, Luke Cage, and others.

Black Panther second appearance & origin Black Panther
Second appearance & Origin, 1966
Falcon second appearance comic book Falcon
Second appearance, 1969

Comic Books with Special Events:

Hawkeye was interested in the Scarlet Witch, but she developed attraction to Vision, which led to a wedding.

Hawkeye joins Avengers comic book Hawkeye joins Avengers, 1965
Justice league & Avengers comic book JLA & Avengers, 2003-4
Avengers comic ook, Vision loves Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch becomes love
interest of Vision, 1970
Scarlet Witch & Vision get married comic book Scarlet Witch & Vision Wedding
June 1, 1975

Complete Series:

Jungle Action 1-24 complete series First solo Black Panther
Jungle Action 1-24, 1972-1976
Astonishing Tales 1-36 complete series Mockingbird, Deathlok & more
Astonishing Tales 1-36, 1970-1976

Trade Paperbacks:

A Trade paperback is a book that combine a series of comic books into one long story.

Trade paperbacks usually do not have any advertisements.

Two recommended collections are Planet Hulk and its sequel World War Hulk.

Trade paperback Planet Hulk Planet Hulk
Trade paperback World War Hulk World War Hulk

How to Store and Protect Comic Books?

To protect each comic book, it can be wrapped in a special plastic bag and an acid-free backing board.

Mylar bags are more expensive, but they are considered the best way to store paper.

Comic books can be stored in a special comic box, which can be purchased at comic books stores or online.

The boxes with comic books should be stored away from direct sunlight and humidity.

Mylar bag for protecting comic book Mylar bag & backing board
Comic boxes for storing comic books Boxes for storing comics

Collecting Comics as a Profession or an Investment

Collecting comics, in most cases, is a hobby or a leisure occupation. Collecting comics is referring to comic books as a desirable art or as a valuable product.

As an investment, one should look for old, rare, desirable, good quality, and sane price comic books.

There are quite a few comic books which worth tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, when originally their price was a few cents.

As a profession, there are quite a few traders. Today, trading is conducted mainly on the Internet.

Since the huge success of movies and television series based on comic characters, which opened the field to a new audience, the value of some comic books has skyrocketed.


Info about Collecting Comics:

The Library of Congress of the United States holds the largest collection of comic books with about 100,000 comic books.

Action Comics #1, featuring Superman for the first time, was sold for more than US$3 million on eBay in 2014.

This comic book, which was published in 1938, is considered the comic book that began the genre of superheroes.

Where to Purchase Comic Books:

Comic books can be bought in any comics store.

Today, most comic book trade is done online. Websites like eBay or Amazon is a good place to start.