Professional Pet Portrait Painters

Updated: 02 Jan 2022

Professional realistic pet portrait artists

If you are looking for a professional pet artist to paint your beloved pet, or to produce a tribute to a cherished pet who passed on, look no further.

Below is a list I handpicked of skillful, experienced artists who master realistic pet portrait commission painting (and drawing).

Amy Mckimm

Amy Mckimm is a talented pet portrait artist from the UK.

Amy Mckimm, pet portrait artist

She uses pastel pencils to render her beautiful artworks.

Beautiful commission portraits by Amy Mckimm

In her website, you can find details regarding size and price.

And, you can purchase a gift voucher.

Voucher for pet portrait by Amy Mckimm

In addition, you can read about Amy's tips for taking a good photograph of your pet.

Commission dog portraits by Amy Mackimm

Amy's biography, gallery and contact information:

Amy Mckimm

Molly Moira

Based in the UK, Molly Moira is an outstanding artist with a great love for pet drawing.

Pet portrait artist Molly Moira

Her tools of the trade are colored pencils, though she draws with graphite pencils too.

Dog drawing with coloured pencils by Molly Moira

Molly takes commission orders for any type of pet or animal.

Realistic dog portraits by Molly Moira

In addition, she offers gift vouchers.

Gift voucher for Molly Moira artwork

Molly's biography, gallery and contact information:

Molly Moira Design

Good to know:

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Realistic animals pencil drawings

Naomi Jenkin

Naomi Jenkin is a professional pet portrait painter based in Cornwall, UK.

Her passion for art, combined with her love for animals, produces amazing, realistic portraits.

Pet portraits by Naomi Jenkin

Naomi uses high quality pastels, and acid free paper sheets, to create her stunning paintings.

Dog & rabbit portraits by Naomi Jenkin

She has produced commissions for clients all over the UK and as far away as Australia.

As a professional artist, Naomi works closely with her clients, to ensure their pet portrait is finished to perfection.

Dog & horse portraits by Naomi Jenkin

Besides pastel pet portraits, she paints beautiful seascapes with oil paints.

Wave oil painting by Naomi Jenkin

Naomi's biography, gallery and contact information:

Naomi Jenkin Art

Amanda Drage

Based in the UK, A master of her craft, Amanda Drage's pet portraits are highly sought after.

This leads, sometimes, to a long waiting list, which is well worth the wait.

Pet dogs portrait paintings by Amanda Drage

She paints dogs, cats, horses, birds and other realistic pet portraits.

Cats, horses & birds portraits by Amanda Drage

Amanda uses high quality materials, mainly painting in pastels.

Pet dogs portraits by Amanda Drage

Her website is abundant with dog portrait images from a diversity of dog breeds.

Dogs portrait paintings by Amanda Drage

Amanda's biography, gallery and contact information:

Amanda Drage Art

Ali Bannister

Another pastel specialist, Ali Bannister is a gifted pet portrait painter, based in the UK.

She has a long list of satisfied commission customers, including Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and his wife Barbara Bach, Bond girl.

Pet portrait paintings by Ali Bannister

Ali is an expert in producing paintings where the viewer is conscious only of the subject, not of any artistic style.

Pet dogs portrait paintings by Ali Bannister

Ali paints dogs, cats, horses and other pet portraits.

Dog, cat and rabbit portraits by Ali Bannister

In addition to pastels, Ali produces beautiful, detailed pencil drawings.

Pet pencil drawing portraits by Ali Bannister

Ali's biography, gallery and contact information:

Ali Bannister Portraits

Author's comment:

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Caroline Van Wyke

Caroline Van Wyke is a pet portrait painter with a unique style.

Originally from the UK, she now lives and works in France.

Caroline Van Wyke pet portrait painter

Caroline uses watercolor pencils, acrylic, oil paint and watercolor.

Horses painting by Caroline Van Wyke

Her style is very painterly yet realistic.

Dogs portrait painting by Caroline Van Wyke

Caroline paints pets, people and other subjects like book illustration and artwork.

Pet portrait paintings by Caroline Van Wyke

Caroline's biography, gallery and contact information:

Caroline Van Wyke

Jane Booth

Located in the UK, with a career spanning over thirty years, Jane Booth has painted numerous highly detailed pet portraits for her clients.

She paints in a super realistic style with oil paints.

Realistic pet portraits by Jane Booth

Be it a wild or domestic animal, bird or person, Jane strives to capture both the likeness and the character of the sitter.

Jane Booth pet portrait paintings

In addition to pet portrait painting, Jane paints pets and their owner.

Pets and their owners portraits by Jane Booth

When and where needed, landscape is part of Jane's amazing paintings.

German shepherd dog portrait by Jane Booth

Jane's biography, gallery and contact information:

Jane Booth Fine Art

Marion Tubiana

Marion Tubiana is both a skilled pet portrait painter and a wildlife photographer, located in France.

She paints with pastel pencils.

Pet portrait paintings by Marion Tubiana

Marion paints realistic portraits of dogs, cats and horses.

Dog portrait paintings by Marion Tubiana

Her aim is to deliver the pet emotion. She does that focusing on details, especially the eyes, and with artistry use of light.

Pet portrait painting by Marion Tubiana

Besides pet portraits, Marion paints original wildlife paintings and offers unique calendars for horses and wildlife animals.

Wildlife paintings by Marion Tubiana

Marion's website is in French, but the contact page is in English, and she takes international commissions.

Marion's biography, gallery and contact information:

Marion Tubiana


Donna is an experienced pet artist, located in the UK.

She paints pet portraits commissions for dogs, cats and other pets.

Pet dogs portrait paintings by Donna

Her tools of the trade are colored pencils.

She uses high quality artist materials to ensure that her clients cherish each portrait for years to come.

Pet dog portraits by Donna

Donna paints realistic pet portraits in most cases.

For those who prefer a more contemporary or stylized art, she offers pop art and impressionist style paintings.

Dogs portrait paintings by Donna

Donna's biography, gallery and contact information:

Pet Portraits by Donna

Melanie & Nicholas

Melanie & Nicholas are two professional pet portrait commission artists and a married couple, based in the UK.

Nicholas Beall is an oil painter who master dogs, cats and horses portrait painting.

Pet portrait paintings by Nicholas Beall

With more than 20 years of accepting commissions, and many returning customers, both Melanie and Nicholas are experienced with their craft and with providing top quality service.

Pet portrait commissions by Nicholas Beall

Melanie Phillips is an accomplished artist. Her mastery is pencil drawing.

Melanie offers dogs, cats and horses portrait commissions.

Cat and dogs portraits by Melanie Phillips

For Melanie & Nicholas to portray a pet, you can email them the pet's photo.

UK residents can bring their pet to their studio for photos, free of charge.

Melanie Phillips pencil drawings of pets

As well as gorgeous pet portraits, Melanie & Nicholas offer framed paintings by request.

Framed dog portrait by Nicholas Beall

Melanie & Nicholas biography, gallery and contact information:

Melanie & Nicholas Pet Portraits

Rachel Stribbling

Based in Bulgaria, with a record of 100% client satisfaction, Rachel Stribbling is a brilliant pet portrait artist.

Rachel is super committed for each commission painting, and she offers free delivery worldwide.

Pet portrait painting by Rachel Stribbling

Her tools of the trade are oil paints on canvas.

Cats portrait oil painting by Rachel Stribbling

Rachel paints realistic portraits of dogs, cats and horses.

Dog, cat and horse painting by Rachel Stribbling

Besides her amazing pet portraits, Rachel paints stunning wildlife oil paintings.

Wildlife paintings by Rachel Stribbling

Rachel's biography, gallery and contact information:

Rachel Stribbling

Sema Martin

Sema Martin is a dedicated pet portrait artist.

She is located in Wales, UK, and she uses high-quality colored pencils & paper for her realistic portraits.

Cat and dog portrait by Sema Martin

Sema paints mainly cat and dog portraits, and she is happy to take international commissions.

Dog and cat portraits by Sema Martin

In her website, you can find plenty of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Cat realistic portraits by Sema Martin

Sema's biography, gallery and contact information:

Sema Martin


These professional and experienced painters will be happy to take international pet portrait commissions, with the utmost respect and sensitivity for the pets and their owners.

In their website, they offer guides for sending proper images, testimonials, rates and shipping details.

For additional talented and inspiring artists, check out these fine art painters, who master realistic painting.

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