How I Got 100K Pinterest Repins

Updated: 05 Jun 2019

100K Pinterest Repins

Quick Pinterest Repins Guide

How to get many repins?


This guide is aimed for artists who want to promote their art.

That said, any niche that can produce many images can use Pinterest for promotion.

To get 100K repins and more than 30K visitors per month follow the steps below.

Important: At the bottom of this guide exists an update on how I reached 200K repins and 40K visitors per month in 4 months!


The KEY for successful SEO, whether it be Pinterest, Google, etc..., is a good content.

Meaning, to write an article that is interesting, informative or solves a problem.

Or, to offer products of value.

*SEO = Search Engine Optimization.

In this guide, I use an article I wrote about the best YouTube channels for learning to paint. It has reached 100K Pinterest shares (repins) in 7 months! (If you click that link and scroll to the bottom, you will see the repin count.)

That article is useful for beginning artists. It helps them find the channels to follow in order to learn to draw or paint.

Pinterest Account SEO

Next step is to open a Pinterest business account and optimize it for SEO.

Pinterest business account lets you view analytics for your content and it is free.

Note: if you already have a Pinterest account, you can convert it to business account by going to settings and selecting account settings.

In the field for 'business name', enter the name of your business. It can be your website name, blog name or your name if you are the business, for example if you are an artist.

Go to settings and choose Edit profile.

For the fields Display name and About your profile write a description, using keywords about the topic of your business.

How to Claim Your Website

After you create a Pinterest business account and you are logged in, click on the 3 dots (...), select settings and click claim.

Pinterest menu logo

In the claim section, you will enter your website URL and follow the instructions. You will have 2 options, either to upload a file to your web server or to add an HTML tag to your index page.

Once Pinterest has claimed your site, you can remove the HTML tag or file.

Now you are ready to create boards and pins.

Pinterest Boards SEO

A Pinterest board is the place to store your images.

For SEO reasons and for being organized, it is a good practice to have several boards. Each board for a specific topic you are involved in.

For example, I am a painter. Thus, I have one board for oil painting, one board for pencil drawing, a board for comics and so on. In total, I currently have 5 boards.

That is how boards look like:

Pinterest boards

Click on Create board and enter a board name; it should describe the topic of the board.

Then click on edit:

How to edit a Pinterest board

In the Edit your board window, describe what the board is about, this is where you put the keywords for your topic:

Pinterest board SEO

Once you have some images in your board you can click on Edit again and change cover. Then choose an image to represent your board.

Pinterest Pins

After you have created a board (or several boards), it is time to put some images in it.

Images are called pins.

Each pin you create is actually a link to your chosen web page.

Pinterest users can save your pin on their board; that is how it becomes a shared pin or repin.

When a user saves your pin on his or her board, anybody who visits their board will see your pin.

That is how pins on your board will look like:

Pinterest pins

Good to know:

You can upload videos in addition to images. Videos can go viral if they are done right.

How to Design Successful Pins

Width size should be 735 pixels or higher.

Pinterest recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio (Example: 1000 x 1500 pixels).

ANY graphics editor can be used to create and edit pins. I use, which is great and free. Photoshop is another great option.

Key Features for successful pins:

Example for successful pins:

Successful Pinterest pins


Pins are the key. They generate traffic to your website. The two ways you get traffic from pins:

  1. Users click on your pins and redirected to your website.
  2. Users repin your pins and by that expand the reach of each pin to new eyeballs.

For these reasons, designing good pins are the key to success!

So, besides having a good content and writing good descriptions, if your pins are not successful it means their design needs working.

Search Pinterest for the topic you want your pins to appear and then see which pins appear at the top of search results.

Click on these pins to verify they have many repins. You will see the number near a pin symbol. If the number is several K or above, then they are great.

Now design your pins in a similar way. You can try your own original design (that is what I usually do) and see what works and what not.

Some Pinterest accounts have huge success by creating a specific, consistent design for their pins or adding their own logo.


Most pins will not get enough impressions and therefore will not produce clicks or repins.

The only way to ensure a pin gets many impressions is by paying for a promotion. I have never tried it.

You can repin other people pins on your boards in order to have some images to start with. I use only my original pins for my web pages.

Something to consider:

You can create pins with text only (no photo) and they can get many repins. If the text you use as an image is interesting for Pinterest users, they will repin it. For example, a quote or a call to action.

Important to know:

Depending on your niche, you might not have many articles. For example, my articles are quite big and I update them regularly. That means I do not have time to create many new articles.

Therefore, I create MANY pins for each article. Here is an example of 2 pins for the same article:

Two pin versions for the same article

For my best articles, I try to upload a new pin every day. For other articles, I will upload a new pin every several days.

Create New Pin SEO

After creating a nice and engaging image, it is time to upload it to a board.

Create new pin button

Write a nice title and description, choose a relevant board to store it and add a link to the web page you want the image to link to:

Create new pin SEO

Keep in mind:

The title and description you write should use the keywords to describe the web page it is linked to.

Pinterest will display your pins to the appropriate audience based on the text/keywords you have entered for each pin.


Do NOT forget to fill in the URL for the web page you want the image to link to. That is how you get FREE traffic to your website.

Pinterest Hashtags

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest allows the use of hashtags (#).

For example (for my niche), #painting, #drawing, #beautifulart, #artblog and so on.

You should only use several hashtags and only for a pin description and make sure they are relevant to the topic of the pin and article it is linked to.

Understanding Pin Analytics

After you upload pins to your boards, it will take Pinterest several hours before it starts displaying your pins.

Once a pin is displayed, you can view the pin's analytics.

Under each pin, you will see 3 values:

Pinterest pin analytics

Impressions - Each time your pin is shown in a search result, it is counted as one impression.

Thus, the figure shown for impressions is the number of times Pinterest showed your pin for individuals who searched that topic.

It does not mean the pin was saved or clicked on.

Saves - The number of repins. It describes the number of individuals who saved your pin on their board.

Clicks - How many individuals clicked on your pin and therefore, directed-to and visited your web page.


If you are a new user, it will take time for Pinterest to "trust" you and give you many impressions. With time, you will get more impressions.

Some pins will continue to get impressions and repins for months. Most pins will get only a few impressions.

How to See Analytics While in Board View

If you want to see pin analytics while in board view, click on regular view:

Regular view for viewing pin analytics

Actual Repin Count

Pin analytics may be confusing at start, but there is a logic for that (as you will see in the next section).

The number shown for repins-count is the current number, meaning for the last period. That way you can see how your pin is doing now/lately.

If you want to see the total number of repins, since a specific pin was created, look at the bottom of the description.

The total number of repins for a pin

Advanced Pin Analytics - Engagement

While a high number for repins (or for clicks) is great, the ratio between impressions and repins (or impressions and clicks) should be examined.

Some pins will generate more repins or clicks for every 1000 impressions and some will generate less or not at all.

That is a great indicator for the pin design. Analyzing engagement ratio can help us a lot to understand which pins are engaging and therefore, create more pins like them.

Calculating the ratio between impressions and repins, in the next example, will result in ~0.002, meaning every 1000 impression will generate 2 repins. It is nice but not that engaging:

Level of engagement for a pin

In the next example, the ratio between impressions and repins is ~0.01, meaning every 1000 impressions will generate 10 repins, which is much better:

High level of engagement for a pin


Some pins will be "cool" or impressive and therefore repinned more, while other pins may be more intriguing and therefore generate more website or blog clicks.

So, for website traffic, more clicks is better. For branding, more repins is better.

That said, more repins would help with more click so both stats (repins and clicks) are important.

Pinterest Keyword Tool

If you struggle with which keywords to use in order to get many impressions, repins and huge website traffic, Pinterest has a keyword tool, which shows you how many monthly searches each keyword gets.

To get to this tool, click on "create ad".

Pinterest ad options button

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "continue".

Continue button on Pinterest

Scroll down again until you see to the keyword tool.

Then enter a keyword in your niche and see which other keywords generate the most monthly searches and use them.

Pinterest keyword tool

From the results, look at keywords with the most monthly searches and choose those that make sense for your image and the article it is linked to.

Now you can get out of the ad section, unless you want to create an ad.

How Often to Upload Pinterest Pins

How to Get Pinterest Followers

Search Pinterest for a pin (image) or a board for the topic you want to promote.

See who posted it and then click on his or her followers. It will show you the users who follow this user.

Pinterest click on followers

Now click follow on each one of them. You can also follow their followers.

Pinterest followers

For my purpose, Pinterest is mostly used as a search engine and NOT as a social network. For that reason, there is no need for lots of followers.

Pinterest Group Boards

It is hard but possible to get into group boards.

You can find group boards about your topic on Pingroupie.

I was invited only to one group board and it was NOT useful for me. For me, I prefer to upload pins to my own boards.

How to Show Your Repin Count

Repin count for a webpage is how many times ALL pins that lead to a specific web page were shared.

For example:

Pinterest pin count for a web page

The code to use is provided by Pinterest Developers website.

You can change the setting for different button types and sizes.

I use these settings: Widget builder.

Enter a URL (address) for a web page and follow the instructions on the right.

If you just want to check how many repins you received for each web page, use this SEO link: Bulk Pinterest Pins checker.

How Much Time to Invest on Pinterest

Creating new pins takes time. If you are looking for successful, engaging pins, then you need to be creative in both design and text.

Together with uploading pins, checking on analytics, research and so on, you can expect to spend an hour or two everyday on Pinterest.

If you do not have the time, using automation tools might be a good solution for you.


There is a claim by some bloggers that Pinterest might reward you for spending actual time on the platform. Meaning, uploading pins manually.

I have never tried automation tools.


There is no magic when it comes to promoting your content on Pinterest.

The article that got 100K repins got it due to a good content AND the abundance of images it provided.

For that article, I posted a new pin roughly every 3 days.

It took about 7 months to reach 100K repins.

Other articles with good content reached 1K to 15K repins each.

In my experience:

Important Update

4 months have passed and the article about YouTube painting channels reached 200K repins and my website gets 40K visitors per month from Pinterest.

Other articles got 1K to 50K repins each.

I added a 6th board and called it "Learn to Draw" which is quite similar to my "Pen & Pencil Drawing" board. That way, I was able to use many of my drawings again to create more pins.

Pins about drawing with pencils

New insights:

Pinterest alert for blocking my account for spam

What to Do If Pinterest Blocks You?

Clearly, if you get so much traffic from a specific source, being blocked is a huge blow.

Especially if you did NOTHING wrong!

Here are the steps I took to unblock my account in less than 24 hours:


Do NOT count only on one source of traffic for your website!

Besides Pinterest, I focus on SEO for my website, recently joined Instagram (@ran_art_blog) and I am constantly looking for more traffic sources for my content.

Some traffic sources to consider:

Since the block issue:

I upload 7-10 images a day on Pinterest.

After the success of the 6th board "learn to draw", I added a 7th board "learn to paint". That way I can use my paintings again the same way I did with my drawings.

Pinterest is a GREAT traffic source for blogs and websites.

Important to remember:

After a long time on Pinterest, your successful pins will get many repins and therefore, arguably, even if you do not pin anymore, the many repins you have will continue to work for you.

Or so I thought... In reality, once I stopped posting as often as I used to, automatically my traffic and repins dropped.

So, to succeed with Pinterest, I have to post new pins daily. The process of creating new pins and uploading them takes me 1-2 hours EVERY day if I want to get the traffic.

Food for thought:

This guide is my modus operandi. I am sure there are other ways to get many repins and website traffic with Pinterest.

Here are some things I do NOT do that might be worth checking out:

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